People Around Me Are All Overachievers!

My friends, my family, my extended family, my acquaintances – pretty much everyone who I know is or has now become an overachiever. And not just in academics or sports or the usual extra-curricular stuff, but also at partying, socializing, getting thousands of likes on their pictures on Instagram  and Facebook and getting millions of views on their stories and YouTube videos.


And CONGRATULATIONS if you’re one of those overachievers and maybe, if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably thinking, “Hmm, what a jealous little freak! Just because she is a failure or she doesn’t have an Instagram account and a Snapchat account or just because she cannot do her job perfectly, she’s writing this on her blog!” Gosh no, you are so wrong, just this one time in your life. I am PROUD of you and happy for you. You’re doing an amazing job and you have a perfect life. No, I am not being even 0.001% close to sarcastic. I am just purely genuinely happy and proud.

But that’s what everybody’s missing out on these days. I’m guessing that 90% of those who read the title got really pissed off and thought “What a loser!” BUT, none of you thought that this one could be a genuine piece of writing. None or very few of you thought I wasn’t jealous. WHY? Is it because I used the word “Overachiever”? Since when did this word imply something negative? What is this feeling? Does nobody feel anything genuine for anyone anymore? Does everybody HAVE to be a jealous or an unhappy or unsatisfied person? Are all people just sarcastic? Is nobody actually happy for anyone but their own blood? Does everybody play and pretend?


I hate to say this, but, these days I find even the best people very fake! Does everyone pretend? I feel like I just CANNOT trust anyone ever again. I feel like every emotion expressed is or has never been (at least off-lately) true. And this really disappoints me. It feels as though everybody has fake relationships, just for their own benefit and growth. Not for somebody else’s happiness, not even once. This is indeed a very saddening situation. And I would like to do something about it, if possible. Comment below if you feel the same way sometimes, or every time (like me.) Tell me your story…

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