Food Taboos

Have any of you ever eaten something extremely unusual in your lives? Something that people, humankind, in general, never eat? If your answer is a “YES”, comment below and tell me what you ate and how you found it… Also, I must say, you’re very brave and adventurous. 🙂 For those whose answer is a “NO”, it’s okay, even I haven’t really eaten anything that has long been a subject of taboo to humanity. And you my friend, are not-so-adventurous, and not a risk taker, just like me. Yeah, high-five!

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They say, “You are what you eat”. However, you are also what you do not eat. Food is something that makes you, that defines your culture, religion, belief. It is a basic necessity in life that most people, including me, find very important to be fixed and decided on a daily or weekly basis. And, if something like food is made completely against my wishes or regular habits, I, or even any ‘normal’ person would be disgusted. If a plate of regular Nutella sandwiches that you eat for a snack is replaced by a plate of live worms dipped in chocolate, would you accept it and eat it? No, right?


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Most of us ‘civilized’ people think the same way. Stuff that crawls and creeps on the ground is just not acceptable to be eaten. Ever since we were born, we were taught certain manners. We were strictly instructed to not eat certain things. We were taught which actions were civilized and which ones weren’t and were supposed to be kept away. When we licked our fingers as babies, our parents forcefully took them away from our mouths. Small actions such as these helped us to understand what could be done, eaten or spoken and what couldn’t.

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These habits that we learned evolved. What would probably have been unaccepted is not a taboo anymore. Times are changing. People are trying to understand each other better and understand why certain cultures still consume taboo foods like cobra blood and meat, dog meat, durian, fugu fish, worms, aphrodisiacs, animal fetuses, and so on. We are becoming more and more sympathetic towards our fellow humans and accepting what they have to say too, not neglect them because they are a minority or supposedly ‘inferior’.



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