A Few Things You Didn’t Know About India

I love my nation, India. No doubt, it’s the world’s most diverse country, with 29 states, 7 Union Territories, has 1.25 billion people, is the seventh largest country, also the seventh largest economy of the world, famous for its spices, mangoes and …. We stop there, don’t we? In this blog post, I shall describe a few facts about India that most of you (especially my international readers) don’t know about, at all.

Source : http://www.wikipedia.org

People from outside India, especially from the western countries, have a pre-conceived notion about India. They think that India is a place where you can barely find people speaking English. Now, my dear readers, you shall be surprised to know that India has the second largest English-speaking population in the world, only after the States. And guess what? The UK ranks fifth! Also, a lot of people think that we Indians are very poor… True, but did you know? India, until 1968, was officially the only place in the whole world where diamonds were available! We Indians had  a very glorious past; we were the richest and most intelligent people in the world, and also the first to be civilized. 🙂

Source : Google Images


Indians are extremely good at Math; we invented the zero, Calculus and also Trigonometry! How I wish the ability to do Math was genetic… 😉 The person who first invented a USB is of an Indian origin, his name is Ajay V. Bhatt. India has the largest number of employees employed in the Railways – 1.4 million ! The Indian Armed Forces are next with 1.3 million employees. Talking about the Armed Forces, India ranks sixth in the expenditure on military…


Ever heard of Bollywood? Did it seem to sound like a copy of Hollywood to you? Well, however it sounded to you, India makes the most number of movies every year, out of which a large part is made only by Bollywood. And, not all movies in Bollywood are completely in Hindi (our national language), most of them have a lot of English in them. And, Hindi, is actually not our national language. In fact, we don’t have a national language. We only have 22 official languages, one of them being English, others including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, etc. Urdu.. Hmm….. Doesn’t it remind you of our ‘enmity’ with Pakistan? India is the country with the largest number of mosques. Yes, even more than Pakistan.

What else is India first in? The production of cow and buffalo milk, the production of a few pulses like chickpeas, some spices, etc. and the number of road accidents, unfortunately.    😦 I hope that our condition improves… The Kumbh Mela, happening in India, on the banks of the Ganges, is the largest gathering of humans in the world. It is so humongous that it is visible from outer space.

India, is a very vast land, with a lot of resources that have been carelessly exploited. India is also the country with the most number of traditions and beliefs. We Indians have all the talent to make India as good as it was during the ancient times and we must do so, or at least make an attempt to. I know that we will reach there some or the other day…



  1. India is a wonderful nation with the capacity to be great and take plunges into being a developed nation too but some (tics) are there which needs to be taken care of. Loved the post. I love that image of Diwali lights…

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  2. Beautiful and well written. I have always wanted to visit India, now you have even made the desire intense. I enjoy a lot of Bollywood movies and celebrate their great stars. I will definitely visit India soon. Thanks Aditi for sharing.


    1. Thanks 🙂
      I think a place that would astonish you is the Taj Mahal at Agra… It is mesmerizing. Another place could be Bangalore, my city, the IT hub (in case you’re a techie) and it’s also got good weather; you might actually have to carry a jacket. Delhi and Mumbai are the booming megacities in India. You’ll be shocked looking at the crowd in the local trains of Mumbai. XD

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  3. Aditi one more thing, from Harvard university students came to research on kumbhmela. Thanks for showing our great nation to other countries and our hospitality is the best. So, please welcome all followers at least once 🙂


  4. Amazing article Aditi. India is vastly underrated in so many ways. Also, I agree with you that India was one of the most advanced advanced civilizations. Reading about the various ancient civilizations like the Indus valley civilization clearly shows that. Hopefully, we will get past some of the dogmatic opinions that plague our society and become an even wonderful nation.

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  5. I am proud to be Indian living in the US for the last 19 years. The interesting thing is that I am far apart from the stereotype. For 2 years I worked in nursing…as an Indian male. Funny thing is that I was the first Indian-American male hired at my nursing job in the last 20 years. I work in a different industry now but if you look at my accomplishments I guess you can say that I’m an ordinary human being with extraordinary talents to show the world what I’m made of 🙂

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