Reasons Behind Why I think Exams Are Bad

EXAMS! PHEW! That very word reminds me of all the pain and difficulties we students go through to achieve something that can never measure our capabilities. Examinations are a mere procedure of testing our knowledge-based skills, not our practical skills that we could apply in a real-life situation. Of course, they test the part that builds our very foundation for applying things that we learn in theory, however, they don’t really make sense to me, because, finally, most students end up mugging everything, so they don’t have to bother understanding and applying, and can easily score marks and get into the colleges and finally the companies they wanna get into. This ‘mugging up’ is okay until you actually deal with your first real-life situation… That’s when you’ll land yourself in trouble.

So, following are the reasons I hate exams:-

  1. Stress, Illness and Anxiety : Yes, that’s right. Exams are one of the main reasons behind the health problems caused in students. According to several studies and researches conducted, many students stay sleep-deprived, consume drugs to make them stay awake so they can study, suffer from anorexia, disturb their sleep patterns, suffer from high blood pressure, etc.

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  2. Unhealthy Competition : Students often compare themselves to their peers and this arouses jealousy, hatred for oneself, and lack of belief in one’s potential. And hold on, it’s not just the students who compare themselves to others… You know what I mean… Parents, too, compare their children’s grades or marks with their colleagues’ childrens’ grades and/or marks. This leads to dissatisfaction and unhealthy competition amongst students from a very young stage of their lives. They continue feeling embarrassed and their self-esteem becomes very low. The ones who are responsible for lack of self-confidence, finally, are not students themselves, but parents.

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  3. Exams don’t actually test our knowledge : According to me, exams are not the right way to test anybody’s knowledge. If a person is not allowed to think about what they are supposed to learn, and only ‘by-heart’, ‘memorize’ or ‘mug-up’ everything, they will never be able to apply it in a real-life situation, as I had mentioned earlier.
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But then, you may ask me, in my opinion, what’s the solution to this problem that we’ve got here ? Because, finally, you do need a way to test knowledge and skills. I don’t deny the fact that you have to test. But, there are other ways. According to me, the better alternative to examinations is teaching the basics and the theory in the classrooms, teaching the practical (for science) in the labs and allowing the students to do projects on these topics that have been taught. No exams, just pure practical examinations and projects. This, according to me, would improve the critical thinking and analyzing skills of the students and reduce the pressure on them. It will help us to innovate and think out of the box.

I am not against the current examination system, though. There are several advantages of it too. However, I have always believed in innovation and creation, not mere rote learning. Thus, this thought arose in my mind…



    1. Hey Aditi!I would like to add something here.What i feel is that exams are very much relevant as they compel students to learn.Also,it tests that part of a student’s ability in which he is able to express his views clearly to the second person.
      Although there are brilliant students out there who do not need a trigger like exam to study but sadly that’s around 5-10%
      But,In India syllabus is so extensive & complex forbye being all theory based.So,that’s where we need amends😊

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  1. this is an age old argument and i enjoyed reading yours but learning something by rote is the most important skill one can learn in life . when later in life someone tells you, you are great at something ,if you reflect back you’ll discover it was by rote you achieved. that dosnt mean you cant throw in a lot of your individualism. enjoy your future endeavors 😊


  2. Hitting the nail on it’s head. Exams in my opinion should be to encourage self-assessment and not the measuring scale of the abilities.The exam culture especially in India is too dangerous for students who require a little more time to cope up.

    Awesome article…Expecting more from you!!


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