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Three weeks of school are over already! Time flew away so quickly… I am totally loving the IB way of learning things. I can feel the difference. We had all got two weeks to decide our subjects, and now all of our classes are fixed. I, too, have finally got a clear picture of what my subjects are. I have picked Biology, Chemistry, Business Management, German, English and Math. I think that I love every subject equally, but, German and Business Management being new, seem to be the most interesting of all.

Most of our teachers want us to think and come up with ideas for everything; they want us to give our own opinions and be thoughtful. In our business class, we were assigned groups of eight to nine people each and we were given one type of business, like Sole Traders, Partnerships, Private Limited Company. and Public Limited Company. We were then supposed to brainstorm for business ideas and describe the features of the type of business we got, through our idea.

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Our group was assigned “Private Limited Company” and we had a lot of ideas coming up; after all, all eight minds worked differently. However, everyone agreed to one idea : A casual-dining Mexican restaurant called ‘Walk-In Burrito”. We created our mascot/logo – a cartoon burrito and assigned everyone their roles. However, there was a lot of confusion about the way of presenting it. Hence, we decided to make a WhatsApp group on which we could all discuss, sitting at home, since our teacher didn’t assign another period for it.

When I returned back home on that day, I opened my WhatsApp and I was shocked to see a lot of messages on the “Walk-In Burrito” Group. I realized that half of those messages were spam ones. I get very aggressive at times like this. That time too, I was furious. I yelled at all of those who spammed. I then took everything forward on the group and started doing the chart. I kept giving updates on the chart-work and the others kept giving feedback. We worked on the Finance and Human Resources Management part.

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We were sort of unclear about our Operations and Sales and Marketing part and hence we left that part empty on the chart. The next day, I took the chart back to school, so we could work on the left-over parts during the breaks. However, the break was right after the German class, and I decided to carry it all the way there instead of keeping it in my locker, and I left it there, in the shelf of that German classroom. The break came and none of us were done with our lunches quick enough to do the chart work. Thus, we forgot about it and the chart was still left behind in the German classroom. Only when I reached home did I realize that I had left it back there.

Now, I didn’t wanna break-open the bad news to my teammates, but, unfortunately, I had to. I apologized a hell lot; thankfully, all of them didn’t really mind that much. I made up for the whole thing by making a Power-Point Presentation, just in case we lost the chart. I redesigned our logo and also created one of our company’s legal documents. I realized that this would help all of us to get a more practical point of view of our subject. Little did I know that all of us would fight over roles again… Nothing was done other than the Power-Point Presentation. (And some people disagreed on that too) xD

Fortunately enough, we found our chart and we also had the presentation ready. We decided our roles quickly and informed Ma’am about our presentation. We hadn’t really realized that we would require the technical tools ready before-hand. So, we couldn’t really do the presentation; we could use only the chart. However, our teacher said that she would show the presentation to the class whenever we had our next period.

She was very happy with our presentation, and also appreciated the other teams, who did very well too. I was quite happy that not only were we able to put something up finally, after all those complications that we had, but also, we were able to do quite well. I thank my entire team for all the tolerance they’ve had with my ‘bossy attitude’ and my irresponsible behaviour. Finally, all it takes to succeed in a group presentation at a school level, is cooperation from your teammates and agreeable character…





  1. Wow! This is a jam packed post. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s webinar. I need to create my “blog business plan”. I’ve been active on social media and creating content for my blog. I’m rethinking my target market and what I want to do long term.

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