Times Are Changing…

All of a sudden, it feels like somebody something just kidnapped me from home, blindfolded me, and threw me into a dark room filled with lots of people my age, but all of them possess the ability to see in complete darkness and I don’t. “NOT FAIR!!!”, I try to scream, but the voice just doesn’t come out, however hard I try; it’s as though that thing did something powerful, like a magic trick to keep me from saying anything…

Did you guess who what that thing is? Nah… It’s just LIFE! And it didn’t kidnap me or anything, it just followed the instructions I gave it unknowingly…

THIS is what has been happening… The friends who I talked to so very much, without even thinking twice about what impact it would have on them are now the sort of people who I talk to as formally as I talk to my teachers. I never thought I would ever do something like the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. And, I had never thought I would pick subjects like Business Management and German.



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You can never predict what would happen next in your life… One night you may sleep thinking that the next day would go just as you’d planned for it to go, even with a fixed timetable from the time you wake up to the time you go back to bed, some or the other unusual incident may occur the next morning and it could possibly change your life completely!

There have been several such instances in my life… When I go back in time, I remember the days I used to play badminton in the court of my apartment-complex. I was about ten years old then, and I loved being a part of everything my friends were a part of. I had decided to take part in the annual tournament that happened in our complex itself. I took part in the mix-doubles kids’ category and my partner was a close friend. I never thought we could play so well… I had never thought of myself being a sport-lover or the kind of person who went to the finals. And that’s exactly what happened! We reached the finals. We were on Game-Point i.e. 20 and our opponents were 19. We just had to get another point to win the match and the tournament. I was pretty sure we could do it by doing what we had planned to do…



IMAGE SOURCE : http://www.phoenixtrowbridge.club/

But, that’s not what happened! We were distracted by the fact that we just needed a point to win the whole tournament… We couldn’t focus and hence we lost! A game or a sport is  never predictable, but, I believe that our life is just like a game; we can never predict what it could throw at us the very next moment. We cannot prepare for everything in life; most situations are anomalous and we have to deal with them using our wits and life skills.

With time, most of us gain experience and hence we can deal with situations in the best way… Initially, most things may seem difficult, but we just need to believe in ourselves and do what we think is the best for us. As long as we have enough courage and faith in ourselves, we can keep the fire inside us burning bright enough to light the way for us to progress in this limited-time journey of life…




  1. Life is funny like that, always poppin up with the unexpected, some good, some bad. I’m going through the same at the moment and all I can do is reminisce about past times and fall in love within those moments yet I have to remember to remain present because really that’s all I can stand on the present moment. Life is indeed what we make it. We make choices and attract everything in our path, there’s responsibility for everything we do. In even the saddest moments we can choose to be brave and tough it out with the honesty of our sadness and fears, knowing that we are making it through, or we can do otherwise, but we have to keep going, we have to keep going.

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