“71% of Muslim girls in UK may not find jobs”… “Men in demand after 2-kid policy in China”… “Only 21.9% of all women in India work”…. “Extra maternity leave for women will cut the attrition rate, but may affect hiring of women”….

Source : The Times of India


Women and girls are generally considered to be the ones wearing makeup, the ones who dress up, the ones who cook, clean, wash, take care of kids, the ones who go shopping and are chic and fashionable, the ones who have long hair, nails and are beautiful. We all have a preconceived notion about what females are like, in general. AND, guess what? I don’t blame you or me or the society… I blame the tradition that we’ve had ever since the existence of humanity.

We believe that the humans with the ‘Y’ on their sex-chromosomes are much stronger, more intelligent, more productive, more prioritized than the ones without the ‘Y’. Β Why do we have this sort of mindset? WHAT is it that makes us think in this way?? HOW can we assume certain postulates – not just in Science, but also in Tradition and Faith? According to the Hindu belief, women were ‘protected’ by being confined to their households. Is this really true? At least, I, personally don’t think so. I don’t criticize any religion for having their beliefs and traditions, like the Hindus had ‘sati‘, the Muslims had and to some extent still do have the “burka“… I’m pretty sure there must be some sort of practical scientific reason behind all of this… But the times are changing. And with changing times, our beliefs change…


To be very honest, I think women are the ones who are both physically and emotionally stronger than men. We women and girls do cry more, but that’s because we have the guts to do so in front of the world. Men don’t have the courage to shed tears in public, because they think that they’ll be made fun of… And it’s not that women aren’t made fun of while crying. Don’t get me started on back-biting… Females have always been the ones who deal with more mental pressure as well. The pressure that males deal with is miniscule in comparison to what we females deal with. We leave our own families where we were brought up for so many years after marriage, and shift to another household and we’re expected to get comfortable with it as soon as we step in.

We are the ones who are supposed to do multi-tasking at home. We are the ones who are supposed to take care of every member of the house. And if we fail to do so, well, let’s just not talk about the consequences… We’re brutally beaten up, asked for dowry, asked to give birth until we get a son, not allowed to speak much, told to decorate ourselves as if we are showpieces, ‘entertain’ other people to earn money… We’re the ones whose bodies are supposed to be hairless… We are the ones who are supposed to be attractive.


It’s different in the animal world though… Lionesses and tigressesΒ catch the prey for the family, peacocks are the ones who are more attractive, not peahens… And in fact, most male animals are the ones who are attractive. If we humans consider ourselves to be the “most intelligent” species on this planet, then why do we discriminate our female counterparts?

ALL of us should definitely give this a thought…



  1. Aditi,
    I am very impressed with the fact that you are very sensitive to the woman issue as it stands on this planet. Of course, globally speaking, women suffer sexism with varying degree, but it is still a global problem. Not letting the plight of women simply sit in the closet as if nothing is wrong is the worst thing. So good for you to help keep the issue in the public eye. Stay strong.

    Thanks for posting.

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  2. as you said peacocks are more beautiful then peahen but we women are not we considered beautiful women are always considered to be pretty if we look after ourselves we are not criticized but if men apply moisturizer or some cosmetics they are laughed as well there male friends saying he is behaving like a girl and girls saying is he gay? its not that man do not face anything we both genders suffers a lot and what is so great about working ? i am not saying women should not earn yeah we should earn and be independent but the responsibility of household , of kids and earning is put on men and we should be thankful for that but here we start complaining in us about 46% women are harassed at jobs and raped as well and it has the highest rate against sexual violence as compared to that muslims countries have less and in us if they are raped the criminal is only punished for a couple of weeks is that enough never? in india i know it has death penalty but it is making no change still women are raped every 20 minutes the burka just means that these women are pious and should not be touched or harmed in the past in makkah when women would go they would be harassed then the was though of that the women who cover should not be looked at even if someone still do they should be stoned it does not mean that the women who do not cover should be harassed it just means try to cover if you do not wear burka just try to not show skin anyway its not something that if forced and every culture has its own rules right but if you look through history rights are given to women by islam they were buried alive in history anyway aside from religion there are problems in the society and traditions they should be erased women can do anything and yeah i agree with , its not the time where women can put at homes if they say traditions are important i tell them who made the traditions we did so can not we change them according to our needs and happiness

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  3. You needn’t be sorry for it… I like having long comments. It just helps me get a dievrse opinion and helps me understand what other people think. πŸ™‚


  4. Nice one..you always know how to get your point clear , precise and accurate. We should all learn to value each personality whether make or female it doesnt matter as long as they got solutions, as long as they can contribute to the society as long as they have answers.

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  5. Aditi.. u have written well. Females do have some disadvantages in professional and personal lives. But i think u have little exaggerated the hardships of the women and have undermined the role of males in society . Although rape and sexual offenses at workplace are blackspots on our society. But about multi tasking, men have their own share. Nowadays almost every middle class home has a maid for cleaning and all but the office hours of men are same. If a girl don’t earn, its ok but men are supposed to earn money and take care of the family. And times are changing.. people are becoming more liberal..girls also enjoy a lot of liberty. So in my opinion both genders have their baskets of problems already full and both can achieve great heights if given a chance.

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    1. I think I agree with you when you say that both men and women have their own share of problems. However, in the Indian society, these days, women suffer more than men, because they are supposed to keep with their work and also complete all the chores at home. The norms are changing. If women don’t work anymore, it’s not going to be accepted by society, especially for the women who are educated well. Thanks a lot for sharing your viewpoint. πŸ™‚

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  6. This is a very well spoken article, but I believe you over exaggerated how much women are better than men. Women are not better than men, and men are no greater than women. The way you almost made men look bad kind of upset me. You did put out very great facts about how women do get less pay though. You explain many very important topics and, all in all a great article.


    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your what’s on your mind. I am not against men. And I totally agree that men and women are equally important and talented. I just wanted to elaborate on the difficulties faced by women. I wanted to list out the facts.


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