School/College Rules : One of the Most Debatable Topics

My eleventh grade begins tomorrow and I’m super excited for it! There are several traditions world-wide… Even in my subcontinent, India, every state seems to have its own ideas about whether eleventh grade is a part of high school or junior college. In the United States, Canada and Australia though, it’s a part of the high school. However, in the United Kingdom, and a few other countries, eleventh grade is the first year of college.

There are over a hundred different schools in my city (Bangalore) itself and each of them are affiliated with their own Boards, namely the ISCSE, CBSE, IB, IGCSE and a few others. Every school is strict in its own way, but obviously, every student ends up cribbing about their school rules and how they are worse than the other ‘cool’ schools’ rules. One of the most important rule for teens these days in their high school is whether they are allowed to get their smart phones and other electronic gadgets along or not. Wait, actually, it doesn’t… We’re smart enough to sneak ’em along…


Very few schools in India actually allow students to do so. But, now, actually, the rules are kind of changing. We teens like to listen to music in the school bus, play games on our tabs and laptops and also most importantly, we like to use social networking sites very often. We can’t live without them, at least not without Facebook, can we? 😉  So, most of us just end up sneakingly taking our smartphones into our bags, pockets, even inside our shirts for that matter, and taking them to school, just to show other kids how ‘cool’ and ‘smart’ we are. And I do not deny that fact, we are. But, this is just not the way to show our smartness…

My new school does not allow us students to get our smartphones and tabs to school. And neither did my old school allow this. I wholly and completely accept this and understand why. Most students end up misusing their phones… I don’t know why, but we do. We tend to bully the others, ridicule our very own respected teachers, make use of social media to make fun of our schools, make ‘memes’, disturb the class by using phones in the class as ‘dares’ and what not. WE are the ones spoiling our reputation. But we never realize that. We think we have to be up to the ‘mark’ or the so-called ‘standards’. We also end up judging others by these ‘norms’.


This is not what schools are meant for. Schools are the places where children are taught to be good citizens of the world, but it is very disturbing to know that most of just go in there to show-off and not to learn and to enjoy with our fellow schoolmates the way its supposed to be. The “healthy-competition” thing has disappeared completely, too…….    I really hope that we spread awareness about how important these rules are. They really make-up our hope for the future citizens of the world.


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