Daily Prompt: Craving


via Daily Prompt: Craving

I had a dream the other night…. I was talking to God in it. God asked me, “What is up with your race these days?”. I replied in a sarcastic voice, “Oh, nothing much. Poverty, terrorism, suicide, murder, arson, rape, politics, mass-destruction, end of the world that You created, etc.” God was shocked. It almost seemed as though I heard a gasp.There was silence. Before the dream could continue any further, I was up,  hearing my mom’s voice, yelling at me to get up, saying that it was already six forty-five in the morning….


Every morning I open the newspaper to read about what’s happening around the world, I feel like shutting it. You may ask, “Why?”. My reply to that is, every news report on the pages of that very paper is like a small little drop of concentrated sulphuric acid on my skin. Yeah, that’s how it feels. Well, at least to me, it does. There is barely any good news, like a new good bill being passed, or some good social work being done, oh wait and technology? Yes. But that’s just a teeny-meeny  lil fraction of the newspaper. Other than that? The very first page tells us about how much our fellow citizens of the world CRAVE destruction. A bomb blast here, a political rally there causing a stampede, several murders and suicides, hundreds of rapes, thousands of terror attacks, and so on.

Does punishment stop their bloodthirsty cravings? Hell,  NO!!! Even if a person who has done the crime before is punished heavily, they go ahead and do the same damn mistake. And do they care if they’re punished? Don’t be stupid… Of course, NO!! After they’re released from jail, within hours they commit the same crime or a different, as if they’re madly in LOVE with prison and crave to go back in there…




HONESTLY, I just cannot understand how these people could be human… Perhaps I agree with Shakespeare’s character in the Merchant of Venice, Gratiano, when he mentions that he agrees with Pythagoras’ theory of animals with a hell lot of bloodlust being reborn as humans and the humans still having a desire to kill. Yeah, that’s how MAD it makes me…. I really doubt whether ANY superpower in this world can stop the world from being shattered into tiny little pieces. This world is DEVOID OF HUMANITY and there’s no HOPE for it coming back, UNLESS…

They say there’s always a solution to every problem. True that. The only hope of getting back humanity is by joining our hands together in restoring the former glory and peace back to this world. But unless ALL of us come together, we will never be able to do it.


SO, LET’S DO THIS! Create a positive, caring, loving, HUMAN WORLD back again and DESTROY the CRAVING for destruction.




  1. A very good blog touching the nerves. Many times, even I try to shut the daily due to those regular heart breaking news pieces on the front page.

    Other thing, we need to come together for fighting against evil and need to change the base of our values.
    Keep it up!👍✌

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