Punishment – Today’s One Word Prompt

Punishment… Hmm.. Reminds me of my school days, times when me and my friends were told to stand outside the classroom when we didn’t complete the homework given to us or times when we were told to stand outside the Principal’s Office because we disobeyed the teacher or made noise… The word “Punishment” really does take me back in time…


I had always been an obedient student during my elementary school and I was also a teacher’s pet. I always completed my assignments, projects, homework, etc and was appointed as the monitor at least twice during the academic year. In both elementary and high school, I was part of the student parliament. I had never been punished as such, until I came to middle school…

Art was a compulsory subject until 8th grade, and I always hated it for I could never color inside the lines or sketch well… I hated this fact very much, but couldn’t do much about it because it was a skill that you couldn’t acquire without passion. I had managed to do most of the projects in art class. In the eighth grade, we often got several punishments because our class made a lot of noise. We were asked to sit outside class, on the cold, hard floors and paint or sketch. We were insulted in front of our juniors who laughed and mocked at us… But in 8th grade, our yearly project was very complicated…


We all had to paint pots that were given to us; they were made of mud and were really delicate for they broke easily. We could take them home, but all of us found it safer to leave it back at school. In India, most schools do not provide lockers to students; our school did not. So we had to leave it on the shelves and paint it during breaks or classes where the teacher was absent aka free periods. The only other option was to risk carrying it back home. So this pot business really made us worry because the guys often played cricket in class with chalk and school calendars as balls and bats respectively and with one hard shot, they could destroy any of our pots.

What happened was what we feared the most… One afternoon at school, we left our painted pots at school and left to go back home. The next day when we came back, all of our pots were in pieces, even the boys’ pots. All of us were shocked. The boys were clearly not responsible because we knew that they wouldn’t destroy their own pots. So the next time we went to art class, the teacher totally screwed us all up. She screamed and yelled and went all red with anger. She kept questioning us, asking us about how it happened and who could do such a thing. All of us were punished severely. The art teacher was very strict and we could never argue with her. She held us responsible.

All of us were asked to stand outside the class for the next 5 classes and we weren’t allowed to do anything, not even talk. We didn’t dare to complain to another teacher. We were helpless. After those five classes, we were told to purchase new pots and complete the project in a short deadline of 2 days! ;(

This particular punishment didn’t teach us anything; we just started hating our art teacher even more. Punishment, I believe has only worked in places where the children were actually responsible. Teachers should always think twice before they suspend, rusticate, complain to the principal or hit or insult some student. Punishments are good ways to teach children the right ways of doing things, provided they are legitimate enough and teach the right lessons, not the wrong ones, like the frustrating or depressing students or making them think they will never succeed in life.




  1. Aditi, you write quite well. I enjoyed the post. I do have one question. Did you ever find out how the pots were broken?

    I would like to thank you for your interest in my blog as well. I am glad to have you as a blogging friend! 🙂


    1. Thanks a ton! Unfortunately, this incident occurred about three years back and I don’t quite remember who actually broke the pots. Also, now I have passed out of tenth grade and I’m changing my school… If I do ever meet my ex-classmates, I shall ask them. If I ever do get to know, I shall definitely tell you… I’m curious too. 🙂

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