Recipe : Mushroom Cheese Burst

I am a food-lover and I like to cook too. This recipe is for all those lovely food lovers out there.. 🙂

There is a story behind this recipe… My mom was outside shopping for a very long time with her friends and I was really, really hungry. My mom had made lunch said she would arrive by 4 PM. But, unfortunately, she didn’t. So I decided to make something for myself. My mom doesn’t allow me to cook on the stove unless someone’s home, for safety purpose; I figured I could cook something in my microwave.

I opened my fridge and found some white button mushrooms and cheese slices. And here’s what I did…



1.  White button mushrooms

2. Cheese – slices or cubes (I used yellow cheese slices)

3. Mixed herbs

4. Chilli sauce – optional


1. Take the mushrooms and wash them carefully with water, removing the upper thin layer.

2. Take off the stem of the mushroom, with your hands and keeping the mushroom in one piece. You should see something like this: mushroom-caps

3. Now, take the cheese slices and tear them into very small shreds with your hands (if you’re lazy like me 😉 ) or with a knife (if you’re a perfectionist). If you’re using cheese cubes, you should finely grate the cheese.some-tips-on-grating-cheese-L-FqqWUn

4. Carefully stuff the cheese into the mushrooms. Now keep these cheese-stuffed mushrooms into your microwave for two to three minutes, depending on your microwave type.

5. Remove them from your microwave and sprinkle some mixed herbs on them.

6. You can serve it with chilli sauce, if you like it. 😉

WARNING : This recipe is strictly for mushroom lovers. It is a very simple recipe wherein the mushrooms are only partially cooked.

PLEASE do tell me if you liked the recipe; it is meant for lazy mushroom and cheese lovers. And if you didn’t like it, don’t throw rocks at me, comment below… 😉 I warned ya… xD




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