A Walk in the Rain…

I live in the IT hub, garden and lake city of India – Bangalore, which is known for it’s  wonderful climate. In the months of June, July and August, Bangalore receives heavy rainfall. On such days, nature and rainfall lovers enjoy the scenic pleasures and the spectacles of mother earth. Photographers too, get lucky. the only ones who suffer are the citizens and tourists stuck in heavy traffic jams, which may last from a few minute to a few hours…

Fortunately enough, for me, I am one of those who enjoys the rain; due to a change in my academic life, I have vacation for four months – from April to July. Hence, I get to walk in the rain and definitely, it pleases me. On this lovely Thursday morning, at 9 AM, it was drizzling and there was a thick layer of clouds. I am generally a very lazy person, and the lack of sunshine made my laziness treble. 😉  However, I had decided that I would get rid of this laziness by taking a walk in my apartment-complex. So, I put my hoodie and my earphones on, and left.

I realized how beautiful places become due to rain. My apartment was looking stunning with its variety of plants, trees and saplings. As I walked along the pathway, gentle, tiny raindrops fell on my glasses, clouding them. (For a split second I wished I had miniature vipers to clean my glasses xD). Puddles had formed due to the heavy rain from the previous night, and the rain drops falling into those puddles made small ripples that looked gorgeous. On walking further, I saw a several flowers that had blossomed during the rainy season. The tiny raindrops on the flowers and leaves resembled dew as seen in the early morning hours.

All of a sudden, there was wind and my hood was blown off my head, leaving my hair bare. The raindrops now directly fell on my hair, and made me shiver; but this feeling was thriling. The best part about rainy days? The pathways are all empty, nobody walks around. The only people I could spot were the gardeners and cleaners. Becauseof this, for the very first time, the only sound I could hear was that of the birds chirping. I closed my eyes for a second and stood where I was, trying to revive my other senses – auditory, olfactory and somatosensory, ie, hearing, smelling and touching/feeling. I was astounded. Those few seconds were just amazing; I had never felt more alive. It almost felt as though I had slipped into a world of my own. I could listen to the raindrops falling with a greater frequency on the ground. I could hear the leaves and branches swaying due to the wind… whoosh, whoosh… I could feel the wind against my hair, face and body. I could also feel the rain wetting my hair and face. I could smell the “petrichor” – the smell of the earth mixing with the rain.

I tried to click a lot of pictures, trying to capture whatever I saw on this splendid morning; but I realized that no other lens in the world is as powerful as the lens of your very own eyes.We must live the moment and enjoy the simple, little things in life. Discovering nature’s beauty in such a way was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last, defintiely not.



  1. The smell of that first rain hitting the dry, cracked earth. The loud thunder, the sound of rain hitting the windows, sitting by the window with a good book and coffee…🌧📖☕️ My perfect rainy day!


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