The Best Experience In My Life

I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences in my life… But this one was one the best….

So here’s what happened… After doing my tenth grade, I had four months of vacation in my hand, (now just 2 months are left) , since my eleventh grade starts in August. I decided that I had to make the best of these four months.

Since I only had a brief idea of what I liked as a subject, my parents decided it was time for some Career Counselling. I had to agree… I too wanted something to do since all my friends’ schools had re-opened and I was a loner most of the times.

So we went to this place that was about an hour and a half away from home. It was an apartment that was converted into an office. There were two bedrooms that were each converted into a conference room. The balcony was enclosed and was re-created into a sit-out. We entered one of the two conference rooms and met the mentor who would conduct the career counselling. We went through the entire procedure and went there twice or thrice…

The mentor suggested that I should attend another programme at their place. It was a six-day career exploration programme during the course of which the fifteen participants would get a chance to talk to top professionals from five different organizations. We would also have to formulate our own business ideas and the best three would be chosen. We would then have to split into three teams and form companies. Each of the five members would be assigned a role – Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, etcetera. We would have to present our company individually to a panel of judges on the sixth day.

This idea appealed me, reason being, we would get an exposure to entrepreneurs, try to use our brains to make a brand new business idea, get the feel of the corporate world and make new friends! So, I enrolled for this course and ….

The first day, we were supposed to report at 8 AM at their office and on that day we would be visiting a hospital. I was damn excited! However, all my excitement vanished into thin air when I got to know that each and every participant had met earlier as they were all from the same damn school!!! AND what’s more.. They all came here at least once a month since they were a part of the yearly programme. I was doomed!! or so I thought….

On that day, we introduced each other. We shared our info with our neighbors and we had to introduce each other to everyone. It was sort of funny… listening to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses… Then we had a look at the itinerary/timetable and then each person was assigned a role. I got the task of posting pictures on social media, others got the responsibilities of keeping the time, ordering lunch and snacks, transport, keeping the budget, photography, etcetera. Then we did the brainstorming to find our business ideas after which we had votes and the top three ideas were picked.

Unfortunately or fortunately, mine wasn’t among the top-three. Either way, I was worried about which company would pick me because none of the “Founders” knew me for I hadn’t talked to them yet. However, one idea appealed me the most. As I had predicted, nobody picked me till the very end. I was preferred over a shy, silent, not-so-confident  boy. But, I wasn’t chosen in the group I wanted to get into. The visit to the hospital was pretty interesting; we talked to three doctors and had a tour of the hospital.

The first day was kind of good because I had managed to talk to almost everyone at least once, although none of them were “friends” yet… The day had started off with a very important note… “Change is the only Constant”, this is what one of the senior mentors had told us. And it was pretty much like that… In the next few days I changed so very much… I completed so many tasks successfully… I couldn’t believe it…

I had taken up the role of the Human Resource head in my company and it was fun. I’m not even kidding. I got to meet so many HR heads at the bio pharmaceutical company and the oil and gas company … I absorbed as much as I could from these pros. I improved my presentations everyday. I asked questions after questions and increased my knowledge. This is how I had broadened my horizons.

Within our company itself, we had so many changes… So many clashes… And yet we were able t0 put forth our idea in front of the judges. I was stunned when they said that the best HR award winner was a female, because I was the only female HR head. There had to be some mistake, but they called my name… I couldn’t believe my ears for a second… But yes, it was me indeed… And that’s pretty much how that long week came to a sweet end. So much knowledge and experience in a week!!



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